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Conditioned Hose Covers

Precise Finishing Systems has developed a flexible and removable material hose conditioning cover to be used in conjunction with our temperature conditioning units. This hose cover can provide up to a 2 °C/F DT per pass. The covers are ideally suited to shield conditioned material from ambient loads.


The covers are constructed from two layers of urathane coated abrasion resistant Cordura®, separated by a high density felt insulation. On the inside of the cover is a rugged spandex layer for water tube positioning. Industrial strength Velcro® is used for cover closure, easy cover removal, and added tube routing field flexibility.


The covers provide material conditioning by varying the quantity of Precise Finishing Systems’ custom designed water tubing within the cover. The tubing is trapezium in shape and is radial along the top and bottom edges to provide maximum surface contact with the material hose. The contour provides a distinct thermal advantage over comparative covers, which utilize circular tubing. Additionally, the tubing is flexible for any application but rigid enough to maintain its cross section.


To ensure that this innovative tubing can be utilized with other tubing, Precise Finishing Systems has designed an adapter fitting to mate with other quick disconnect fittings. This adapter will allow the user to connect tubing up to .3125" OD to the conditioned hose cover.


Each conditioned hose cover is custom made to fit your application. Precise Finishing Systems will determine the required amount of water tubes based on the material hose outer diameter and fabricate a cover to the appropriate length.


Precise Finishing Systems also has a range of manifolds to properly route the conditioned water. Additionally, we stock a wide range of quick disconnect fittings to ensure easy and efficient installation of our conditioned hose covers with your application system. Conditioned jackets can also be manufactured to fit your individual components.