High Pressure Heat Exchangers


Precise Finishing Systems designs and manufactures shell and tube heat exchangers to TSSA and ASME code.  Precise has designed a variety of high pressure heat exchangers to be used in conjunction with our sealant and adhesive temperature conditioning system. Each heat exchanger is of counter-flow construction and designed to maintain a maximum working pressure of 5000 psi. Every heat exchanger is symmetrically designed to facilitate installation in virtually any orientation. Temperature sensor ports are located in each end for highly accurate process monitoring or process control of our conditioning system. 

Welded and removable heads are available. High pressure designs use fully welded tube to tubesheet joints with the option of roller expansion. Low pressure U-tube designs utilize roller expanded tube to tubesheet joints with grooving if preferred.

High Capacity heat exchangers contain fifteen tubes encapsulated in a 5″ pipe size shell. While the number of tubes remains constant, the overall length of the heat exchanger will vary to suite your process needs. 

Installation and maintenance is made easy, as Precise Finishing will pre-pipe your conditioned water supply and return ports. Four vents are located on the outer shell to purge any trapped air. Heads located at each end of the heat exchanger are removable to facilitate cleaning of the heat exchanger tubes.

Precise provides a finished carbon steel heat exchanger painted to customer specifications and insulated.

Standard Designs

  • Tube sizes: .375″,.500″,.625″ and .750″
  • Shell sizes: 3.00″,6.00″,8.00″ and 10.00″
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel shells
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel and copper alloy tubes
  • Standard designs can be built to any length
  • Inlet/outlet shell and head connections to customer specification
  • Removable shell on U-tube designs
  • Single and double segmental baffles available
  • Current standard tube bundle concentrations:
  • .375″ tubes – 65 and 118 tube
  • .500″ tubes – 7 tube
  • .625″ tubes – 108 tube
  • .750″ tubes – 19 tube
  • We hold U and R stamps for the manufacture and repair of ASME SEC VIII DIV-1 vessels