Paint Delivery Systems


Precise Finishing Systems is the leader in turn key fluid delivery systems for automotive paint industry.    The heart of the paint mix room is the fluid delivery system. Precise Finishing Systems has designed and developed a modular built paint delivery system for this application. Paint Mix Sets are skid based systems that are completely fabricated and assembled by Precise Finishing Systems. These systems include the paint tanks and agitators, transfer and delivery pumps, filters, regulators and all interconnecting piping and electrical wiring, which results in a paint delivery system ready to install.

The modular built concept allows Precise Finishing Systems to provide significant time and cost saving benefits such as lower cost shop labor as compared to field labor for fabrication and less time to install in the field. Paint Mix Sets also offer the opportunity to make changes and/or sign off prior to shipment to the jobsite.

Precise Finishing Systems has extensive knowledge and can provide paint mix room and fluid delivery system process controls including:

  • Tank Level Monitoring and Control
  • Automatic Transfer
  • In-line Pressure Monitoring
  • Flow Rate and Totalization
  • Viscosity Monitoring and Control
  • Paint Circulation Design

Features and Benefits

  • Modular Design 
  • Lower Cost Shop Fabrication
  • Quality Tested Before Shipment
  • Ready to Install
  • Low Voltage and High Voltage Options

Paint Temperature Control Systems

Precise Finishing Systems designs custom solutions for paint temperature control requirements. Solvent-based high solids and water-based paints can be controlled accurately and efficiently by the Precise Accutrol solution. Our system will control paint temperature to+/-0.5 °C/F to provide control of viscosity, paint flash rates and overall consistency of your paint delivery system. 

Precise has provided temperature control solutions to the major automotive car companies around the world for over 20 years. With over 2000 colors under control on five continents, Precise has the experience to provide a system to meet your needs.

The highly efficient and accurate Precise Finishing Systems solution offers individual or multiple color control. Each color operates independently allowing for the varying needs of specific materials. The system monitors paint temperature at the heat exchanger outlet and positions a high resolution digital control valve accordingly. The control valve is mechanically interlocked with the supply water selection valve. No mixing of hot and cold water is possible with this configuration. Water is fed into heat exchangers specifically designed to maintain paint velocity at 1 fps. Paint solid settling does not occur in a Precise Finishing Systems designed solution. 

The units are modular, constructed in pairs, and are completely self contained. The steel skids are epoxy coated, pre-wired, tagged, flushed and tested for immediate service and easy installation.

Features and Benefits

  • Modular Design 
  • All Electronic Control 
  • Custom Built Heat Exchangers -Plate & Frame, 
  • Tube & Tube, Shell & Tube 
  • Maximizes Available Floor Space 
  • Easy installation in either existing of new construction Meets Automotive Specifications 
  • Structural steel skid with drip rims and epoxy paint Paint lines: All 316 stainless steel 
  • Discrete Process Controller or PLC adaptable 
  • Temperature transmitter: 316 SS process material RS 485 communications available 
  • Available NEMA 7 or NEMA 12 
  • All components are silicone free 
  • 2 year warranty on control valves 
  • Mechanically interlocked digital control valve and actuator available