Power Units

Industrial POWER Auxiliary Skids

Precise specializes in the design and fabrication of integrated system platforms (i.e. skids, modules) for auxiliary equipment used in both the industrial power industry and marine/shipping industry. An integrated platform combines critical ancillary equipment, piping, and monitoring/controls into a single compact subcomponent that sits on one base.  By integrating the system into one base allows for simple installation, plug and play type piping and electrical hookup (location of these customers can be defined by the customer), and more more simple control and monitoring integration. We focus on maintenance as a key aspect of the design and being able to access critical components and provide enough space for access, maintenance and removal.  In the end, this saves the customer on installation time, engineering, design, and integration effort, and overall responsibility and warranty.

The systems that make up the platform comprise of the following:

Piping.  The pipe fabrication of these systems is to ASME B31.3, utilizing ANSI flanges, fittings, and the associated wall thickness based on the calculations.  Our stainless piping is electropolish which requires little maintenance for the life span of the system.

Equipment.  Equipment chosen is based on the customer’s preference.  When preference is not a requirement, Precise utilizes top tier suppliers for the most reliable and sustainable equipment. Our more typical filtration providers are from Pall Corporation and Boll Filter Corp. 

Electrical.  Precise has the ability to provide a complete monitoring and controls package or provide a system that allow the user to connect to the equipment through NEMA terminal panels and junction panels for their own controls and monitoring.  In both cases, Precise wires the sensors and control signals to each component in liquidtite conduit and galvanized pipe.  A full set of electrical diagrams for system integration is provided.     

Sensors.  Sensors are positioned in areas of the system that allow the user to understand the real time operating characteristics and performance of the system, providing data for maintenance analysis.    

Base.  The subbase is design to support environmental parameters, as specified by the customer, as well as a simplified mounting requirement.  The bases can be constructed of aluminum or carbon steel structural beams, with an integrated drip pan, anchoring positions, and lifting/rigging supports.  The base is painted by Precise to the customer’s color and thickness specifications.

Valves, fitting, etc…  These components are chosen to maximum the layout constraints and design parameters.  A typical skid design will allow for valves on both ends of major equipment so it can be isolated for maintenance and/or repairs in place.

Testing.  Each pipe spool piece is independently pressure tested to ASME test requirements.  Each system, once assembled and complete, is pressure tested to verify the piping and assembly integrity.  A functional fluid test is performed with the customer to verify that all the sensors, actuators, valves, pump, coolers, heaters, regulators, etc… are working properly and per the design specifications.  

Documentation.  A full set of drawings and manuals are provided to the customer.