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Precise Finishing Systems is proud to introduce a patented solvent reduction device called Solvair. Solvair reduces consumption by over 50 percent, while reducing the time required to make a color change. This supports reduced solvent costs, significantly lowers VOC emissions and increases production rates.


Solvair increases the turbulent force to enhance the chemical aggressiveness of the solvents. It precisely ratios compressed plant air with purge solvents. This mixture increases the solvents performance by saturating the air with solvent.


This simple device utilizes the patented W.A. Kates Company ratio spool valve technology. The valve compensates for the varied pressures due to load changes on both the solvent and air lines. The balanced pressure enters an adjustable area which controls the volume of solvent used. Solvair is small enough to fit in the color changer housing and is completely self-contained.


The return on investment for Solvair in both dollars and environmental impact is immediate, measurable and impressive.



  • Stainless Steel or Delrin® Construction Available
  • Compatible with All Solvents and Paints
  • External Check Valves Provided
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Simple Installation and Calibration
  • Fully customizable to customer specifications