Precision Crafted Paint Vessels

Precise has purchased Graco’s tank fabricating division and can now offer high quality stainless steel paint tanks engineered to your application. Our team  of craftsmen have over 25 years experience in manufacturing tanks for paint applications . Our engineers have a library of thousands of tank designs. Let Precise design a tank that is part of your paint circulation system.

Precise’s domed tank is the state of the art  in  paint technology. Paint when agitated can splash on Flat top tanks. As the paint drys, it falls back into the tank and becomes dirt to your paint system. Our smooth domed design allows the paint to run back to the vessel. With our automatic transfer system we control paint level for perfect  agitation  and material conditioning.

The tanks start with the best materials.  High grade #2B finish stainless steel is rolled to the design volume. Then our craftsmen use TIG welding stations to provide  a clean, smooth, uniform weld and structural integrity. Lids are laser cut to your specifications. Then each tank is ground and hand polished.


After the tank is carefully made to your engineering specifications the tank enters a four stage electronic chemical etching and polishing pr ocess. The tank is dipped in a charged phosphoric acid which is precisely temperature contr olled. This passivates the tanks to remove any oxidation which can cause discoloration of the paint. Then the tank is polished to  a mirror finish in   a heat ed, electronically controlled sulfuric/ phosphoric acid which microscopically smoothes the entire  surface.

This provides a surface which is essential to maintain the integrity of water based paints. The tank is very cleanable and enhances the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel.

 Engineered Solutions

As with all Precise equipment, it is engineered to be part of your paint circulation system.  The tank is part of the fluid delivery, paint conditioning, and circulation system.  Proper level control, filtration, and agitation is critical to a high quality paint system.

We can design any hold volume between 15 and 300 gallons. Every tank lid is custom engineered to meet your accessory requirements. The tank can be fitted with agitators, vent s, flame arrestors, level controls and valves. This saves valuable field installation time.

Portable Safety Mix Tanks

Precise offers a special line of portable tanks with carts to simplify your material handing of special colors.  The tanks have removable lids for easy cleaning and can be fitted with Flame arrestors, agitators fill ports and a delivery pump.

Solvent Recovery Tanks

Booth side solvent recovery tanks with automatic level controls and transfer pumps are in stock. These systems provide a clean and reliable method to handle waste.